Ten Bhutanese films by eight filmmakers from Bhutan will be screened at the 8th Cambodia International Film Festival in Phnom Penh from March 5 – 11 March, a press release from Bhutan Film Trust states.

The Panorama on Bhutan cinema contains:

Short films:

‘Lo Sum Choe Sum‘ by Dechen Roder,

‘A Forgotten Story’, Girl with a red Sky’ and ‘The Red Door‘ by Tashi Gyeltshen and ‘Monk in the Forrest’ by Karma Wangchuk


‘Norbu my Beloved Yak’ by Pelden Dorji, ‘ The Prophecy‘ by Zuri Rinpoche ‘Kushutara’ by Karma Deki


‘The Next Guardian‘ by Arun Bhattarai and Dorrotya Zurbó ‘Home Alone’ by Loday Chophel

Filmmaker and actor Loday Chophel will join the festival. Loday Chophel is director and producer of the documentary ‘Home Alone’ and the lead actor in The Prophecy and the actor in Monk in the Forrest.

The Bhutan Film Trust initiated the ‘Panorama on Bhutan Cinema’ at the film festival. The Trust supports young independent talented Bhutanese filmmakers to make films for international audiences. The Bhutan Film Trust also assists international film festival directors and programmers with information, contact details, film formats and PR material of filmmakers in Bhutan.

Staff reporter