10 choetens vandalized

Crime: Ten choetens were vandalised in two weeks in Mongar.

The choetens were mostly those that were renovated by the villagers.

A choeten in Kilikhar was vandalised on November 21, the last day of Mongar Tshechu. Two choetens were vandalised at Tongshing two days later on November 23. On the night of November 25, three choetens were vandalised in Wengkhar.

All the vandalised choetens of Wengkhar and Tongshing were recently renovated to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

According to Dema, 55, the owner of the Jangchub Choeten vandalised at Yakpogang on December 1, the choeten was built 34 years ago. The choeten contained statues of Buddha besides other nangtens.

“The way the vandals destroy choetens that are located just in front of the house, I dare say they could do anything. I am scared,” said Dema. “We must find solutions to keep the vandals away.”

According to Mongar Mangmi Tenzin Wangchuk it is difficult to keep watch even with friends of police who are entrusted to safeguard the choetens in the chiwogs.

“What ways and methods we must adopt to protect the choetens must be settled upon very soon,” Tenzin Wangchuk said.

Mongar police are investigating the cases.

By Tashi Phuntsho

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  1. nakhap
    nakhap says:

    Haha, I think we should equally be responsible for the imbalanced development. At least 30-40% of Thimphu population must be from the east including business person, civil servings, and so and so. How can the east develop when it’s own people cannot invest there? The govt has given the necessary infrastructures to opportune the region. Make money in the east and invest in the west… But we should slowly find balanced development …

  2. awakened
    awakened says:

    what can you say when development has not reached to the people of the east the way it has in the west. Absence of balanced regional development is to be blamed. People are mostly poor in these regions. Ever heard of such rampant vandalism in the West???

  3. logical
    logical says:

    Not constructing numerous Chortens throughout the country is the best way to avoid the sight of their demolitions. For whatever reasons the chortens are demolished, those things/items may be registered and deposited in the national museums like depositing money in own account in the Bank. The owner can make sure about the existence of the things/items keeping officially verified records for reference. Peace.

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