Since the opening of envelope A of the postal ballot began on October 16, the office of the returning officer until yesterday has rejected 10 ballots in Trashiyangtse.

The two constituencies in Trashiyangtse received 6,279 postal ballots, 3,246 male and 3,033 female by 7pm yesterday.

The office of the RO at Boomdeling_Jamkhar constituency received 2,356 ballots from the postal ballot facilitation booths and 901 conventional postal ballots. While opening the envelope A, no ballots were rejected.

Officials said the facilitation booth postal ballots have less chances of rejection because people were trained in the booth regarding the processes.

An official said that it is the carelessness of an individual in making simple mistakes while filling up the identity declaration certificate (IDC), inserting ballot paper in envelope A and forgetting to get the signatures of the voter and witness.

The RO office in Khamdang _Ramjar demkhong received 3,021 postal ballots, which include 1,549 male and 1,473 female ballots from both postal ballot facilitation booths and conventional postal ballot. The office rejected ballots for six male and three females from conventional postal ballot envelope A and one male from PBFB.

Khamdang _Ramjar’s Retuning Officer Sonam Wangchuk said the reason for the rejection of the envelope A were non-declaration of citizen identity number and name of the demkhongs in the IDC among others. The ECB has issued conventional postal ballots for this demkhong.

Meanwhile, the office of the RO of received seven postal ballots that were sent through the chopper yesterday.

In the primary round, 62 postal ballots got rejected.

Envelope B that contains the ballots will be opened from 1pm today.

Neten Dorji | Trashiyangtse