More than 90 officials, working in shifts round the clock, at the Public Service Call Centre (PSCC) in Thimphu TechPark attended to almost 120,000 calls between January 16 and yesterday. Of that, 70 percent of the issues were resolved and the rest were either missed calls or those who withdrew their requests. 

As a standard protocol, the officials at the centre called back to the respective individuals to check if their problems were resolved. They also get hundreds of calls on their personal cell phones. “After registering the problems, they call back and follow up to ensure the issues are addressed,” an official from the centre said. 

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) announced yesterday that all stranded individuals in Thimphu to register with 1010 HelpDesk and visit testing centres in the respective mega zones starting today. Individuals are required to undergo an RT-PCR test, following which the HelpDesk, in coordination with RCDC will verify the results and facilitate movement passes. 

For individuals without private cars, the 1010 HelpDesk will link them with the RSTA to arrange buses phase-wise to various destinations. The centre has registered about 1,000 people stranded in Thimphu alone in this category. They will test today. 

From the  23,000 movement or epass requests, 11,000 were approved facilitating movement of around 33,000 within Thimphu. Around 4,000 were not issued following Covid-19 protocols. A little over 7,000 requests are in the process of verification. 

Those stranded in other dzongkhags, the respective task forces will facilitate, the PMO notification stated.

In the past three days, the centre made more than 100 deliveries of essential items to individual homes of those in need within Thimphu. 

In addition, more than 500 stranded people without cars in Thimphu were picked up and dropped off at their homes. 

The centre also forwarded calls related to domestic violence to concerned agencies.