YK Poudel 

To learn and practice scouting methods and principles, 114 scouts from across the country attended the Kings Camp III in Gelephu which ended on February 24.

According to the Officiating Chief Program Officer, Scouts and Cultural Education Division, Nawang Gyaltshen, The Kings Camp is organised towards meeting the challenges of the world through scouting with a special focus on the scout method.

Held once every four years, Gelephu Middle Secondary School hosted the five-day event this year.

A total of 114 scouts (62 boys and 52 girls) from 54 schools from 18 dzongkhags and two thromdes participated in the camp.

According to Nawang Gyaltshen, the camp is an opportunity for scouts from different parts of the country to meet, build friendships and leadership through companionship, and take part in educational activities and adventure.

“The camp provides a unique platform for all scouts to learn and practise scouting methods and principles in adherence to the scout promise and law,” he said.

The scouts at this camp, he said, gain new knowledge and experiences in various fields such as first aid, ropework and pioneering, estimation and orienteering, culture and spirituality, survival skills and many more for personal development.

“The camp is also a place where the scouts can achieve their Toenpa Rank (the highest and coveted rank in scouting in Bhutan). Three scouts were promoted to Toenpa rank,” he said.

As per an official from the camp, the participants of the third Kings Camp are the scouts who have been actively rendering their service to their community.

“After the camp, the scouts shall be able to extend their range of service in their communities as projects. They will know the procedures to conduct community projects,” he said.

Scout Ringsel Norbu Jamtsho, 16, Garpawoong MSS said that scouting is one of the broadest areas for education that provides a platform to explore and share their knowledge amongst themselves.

“We were made to undergo stiff competition in various domains such as social, physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development during the last five days,” he said.

Scouting in Bhutan has revived over the years with 16 batches of leadership training conducted in the country. There are over 60,000 scouts in the country.

The first Kings Camp was held in the year 2015 at the national scouts’ centre in Paro and the second one was in Tsirang in 2019.