With at least 1,184 voters of the total 1,388 turning up to vote at the two facilitation booths in Tsirang, election officials claim the turnout was good.

At the facilitation booth at Mendrelgang Central School, 151 voters cast their ballots while 1,033 voted at Damphu Central School facilitation booth.

Damphu CS had 1,209 people registered to cast their ballot while Mendrelgang CS had 179.

On the first day, September 7, 308 people cast their ballots at Damphu CS, of which 156 were female. On the same day, 50 people cast their ballots in Mendrelgang CS. 12 were female.  

On the second day, 553 voters turned up at Damphu CS booth and another 80 voters in Mendrelgang CS. Most voters were female.

On the last day, 172 turned up to cast their ballots at Damphu CS and 21 in Mendrelgang CS.

Voters who availed postal ballot facilitation booth service in Tsirang said that the facilitation booth service not only helps in increasing the overall voter turn out but also has financial benefits.

They justify that they do not have to travel to their home dzongkhag, where they would have to spend money on transportation.

A voter, Durga, said that although he is from Sarpang, which is only 60kms away, he chose to vote at facilitation booth considering the time and money it requires to travel down.

He said he spent at least Nu 3,000 to travel to and from Sarpang in the past elections.   

Election officials in Tsirang say that despite several reminders to registered facilitation booth voters, the turn out could not be 100 percent.

At least 204 registered voters for facilitation booth did not turn up to cast vote in Tsirang.

Dzongkhag electoral officer, Kibu Zangpo, said that the team would check with the voters and find out the reasons for not turning up despite several reminders. “It’s open for three days for 10 hours daily but people don’t turn up.”

Nirmala Pokhrel | Tsirang