Over 60 participants are expected to turn up for the championship this year

Yam Kumar Poudel 

The 11th national bodybuilding and fitness championship (Mr Bhutan) will be conducted on October 08 at Lugar theatre.

There are three categories in the championship—Men’s Open Body Building Category, Men’s Physique Open Category, and Ladies Model Physique Category.

The championship is aimed at promoting health, fitness, and nutrition.

According to Tandin Wangchen, an athlete representative, the competition has been announced through social media page and committed participants from all over the country are encouraged to take part in it. “The competition will have experienced, non-participating judges to assess the competitors.”

The former Mr Bhutan, Tandin Wangchen, said that he is also taking part in the championship.

The championship is funded by Bhutan Olympic Committee with Nu 300,000.

The prize would include cash price, trophy and medals for the title winners.

As per the Annual General Meeting of Bhutan Bodybuilding Association on January 7, the event will be held on October 08.

Master Kinley Penjor, 53, is a Silver Medal holder in 2016 Asian Fitness Competition. “In this time of global pandemic, fitness was one of my concerns. It is exciting to know that the competition has resumed.”

Ugyen Pema, 37, a Gold Medalist in the Women’s category at Norter Championship 2021, said that she is determined to encourage women to take part in such competitions.

“There is an existing gender stereotypes concerning gym and muscles. I want to break that stereotype,” she said.

Chencho, a Gold Medalist in Men’s Category at Norter Championship 2021, shared his concern about such championship. “Mr Bhutan is a grand title for an athlete like us. But support and funding source is a challenge.”

The participants are undergoing vigorous training and strict diet for the competition.

The 10th edition of Mr Bhutan Championship was held on August 24, 2019.