Neten Dorji  | Trashigang

Herders who were “pasture or jungle quarantined” after they migrated back to Bhutan from Arunachal Pradesh have been released.

There were 131 of them in all.

According to Trashigang Dzongdag Chekey Gyeltshen, 50 people were jungle or home quarantined starting from March 26.

“All highlanders have to go for test as per standard operation procedure (SOP), before they are released. I have asked for 200 testing kits for health ministry as eastern dzongkhag has limited testing kits, “he said.

He added that four teams were sent with personal protection equipment to test all 131 highlanders. “During quarantine period, highlanders are also provided with essential items like ration, salts and others items as per their entitlement.”

The quarantine period started from 26 March and completed yesterday. However, the herders have been asked to remain few more days in jungle quarantine.

A highlander, Tashi Norbu, said they were instructed not to visit village and mingle with family members by gewog administration until further notice. “We are fortunate to received free essential items rice, salts, tea and sugar from His Majesty The King.”

Another highlander said that the people were feeling safe and protected from diseases.

Local leaders are monitoring the situation strictly.

Sakteng Gup Sangay Dorji said that the people took the awareness campaigns seriously. “The good thing is we do not have a single positive case. We must keep it this way.”

The police, desuup, teachers and forest officers are doing door-to-door education and awareness programmes.