LG: A total of 142 candidates are campaigning in Paro for local government posts, out of which 26 are women. Three women are contesting for the post of gup.

There are 30 men and three women gup aspirants in the 10 gewogs of the dzongkhag.

Wangchang has five gup candidates, the highest in the dzongkhag. Followed by four candidates each in Dobshari, Dokar and Loong-nyi gewogs. There are three candidates each in Doteng, Nagya, Sharpa and Tsento gewogs and the two candidates each in Hoongrel and Lamgong gewogs.

Three women candidates from Dokar, Sharpa and Wangchang are vying for the post of gup.

There are 28 men and six women contesting for the post of mangmi.

Nagya has five mangmi candidates followed by Dobshari, Lamgong, Loong-nyi and Wangchang with four candidates each. Dakar, Doteng and Tsento have three candidates each. While Hoongrel and Sharpa have two candidates each.

There are 57 men and 17 women contesting for the post of tshogpa from the 50 chiwogs in the dzongkhag.

The five chiwogs of Loong-nyi and five chiwogs of Sharpa have 11 candidates each followed by 10 candidates in five chiwogs of Nagya gewog. Doteng and Dobshari have nine candidates each. Wangchang has eight candidates followed by seven from Dokar gewog and six from Hoongrel gewog. Tsento has two male candidates and Lamong has one male candidate vying for the post.

Meanwhile, one male candidate is contesting for the post of Paro thromde ngotshab.

Thinley Zangmo | Paro 

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