The Mongar dzongkhag’s returning officers (RO) received a total of 10,854 postal ballots which 147 rejected after opening the envelope A as of yesterday evening.

The officials opened the envelope in presence of political party representatives and candidates since September 13.

Officials started opening the envelopes from 9am till 2am on September 13 and till 10pm on September 14.

Of the 8,033 facilitation postal ballot (FPB) received, officials rejected 4 while they rejected 143 ballots cast from the conventional postal ballot (CPB).

The election officials, said the numbers of postal ballot will increase as the ballots are on the way.  Official explained that because of the roadblocks, they will accept ballots until Morning.

Officials say because of the huge number of postal ballots, Mongar Higher Secondary School staff rendered help to open the envelopes.

The party candidates and representatives are shown the postal ballot boxes before the envelopes are opened.

The election officials explained that they open the envelopes in presence of the candidates and representative for free and fair election.

The election officials said there was not much problem in the FPB since it was handled and helped by polling officials. “However, in case of CPB, people still fail to declare their declaration form and sometimes, no citizen identity card number,” an official said.

Meanwhile, of the three constituencies in Mongar, Drametse-Ngatshang constituency has seven gewogs with 13,278 registered voters. 6,396 were male and 6,882 were female.

The constituency constitutes Drametse, Narang, Balam, Sherimuhung, Ngatshang, Chasakhar and Thangrong gewogs.

Mongar constituency has 10,455 registered voters of which 4,976 were male and 5,479 were female.

The constituency has five gewogs of Mongar, Drepong, Chali, Tsakaling and Tshamang gewogs.

The remotest constituency, Kengkhar-Weringla, has 10,856 registered voters of which 5,605 male and female 5,251.

The constituency consists of Kengkhar, Jurmey, Saling, Silambi and Gondue gewogs.


 More than 600 polling officials and security personnel are deputed in the 76 polling stations of the dzongkhag.

The election official, said the polling officials were sent batch wise after conducting two days refresher courses and no problems were reported as of yesterday evening.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar