Ugyen Tshering and Ugyen Dorji | Intern

In the history of reality shows in the country, a 15-year-old girl who contested in a show called ‘Palden Drukpa’ gave the prize money she won to Bhutan Kidney Foundation last week.

Tenzin Yangtsho, a class X student of Changangkha Middle Secondary School in Thimphu, won the fourth prize in the show and handed over the money to the chairperson of Bhutan Kidney Foundation.

She said she doesn’t come from a rich family, but as long as she has something, she wants to give it to the needy.

Contributing her prize money to the foundation is not the only deed she did. She had done away with her birthday parties and gave the money to older needy people since her eighth birthday.

On her 13th birthday, she went to a monastery and after seeing little monks wash clothes in cold winter, she helped them buy a washing machine and television.

“I was able to do the little to the society through the support of my parents,” she said.

At her home, she said she feeds many stray dogs. “I can’t afford to buy well-bred dogs, but I have taken care of many stray dogs.”

In her school, which caters to students with special needs, Tenzin Yangtsho volunteers to take care of them during recess and wash their lunch boxes.

She is also an active member of the Y-Peer club in her school. The club looks for the betterment of those SEN students and also younger students.