LG: Of the 53 women candidates, 18 were elected for the posts of mangmi and tshogpa in Mongar on September 27. No women were elected gup.

Of seven women who contested for the mangmi post, three were elected. Of the 44 women who contested for the tshogpa post, 15 were elected.

Drepong, Tsamang and Silambi gewogs each have women mangmis-elect and they are: Sonam Zangmo, Choten Wangmo, and Deki Pelden.

The gewogs of Mongar, Chali, Gondue, Jurmey, Silambi, and Khenkhar have women tshogpas-elect. While the gewogs of Saling, Tsamang, Balam and Drepong have two women tshogpas-elect each.

Of the four women who contested for the posts of gup, none were elected.

The former gups of Silambi, Gondue, Kengkhar, Chali, Tsakaling, Mongar, Drametse, Drepong, Thangrong, and Jurmey re-contested but only three were re-elected.

The former gup of Jurmey, Rinchen Gyalpo, of Tsakaling, Karma Sonam Wangchuk, and of Drepong, Sangay Tenzin, were re-elected.

A total of 52 men contested for the gup post. None of the seven university graduates were elected.

In Drametse gewog, four contested for the gup post.

Lunten is the gup-elect in Balam gewog.

Gondue gewog had the most candidates for the post of gup with every one of its chiwogs having one. Dorji Tshering was elected the gup of Gondue.

Silambi gewog had two candidates for the gup post and former tshogpa Dorji Wangchuk emerged on top.

Kengkhar gewog had three candidates contesting for the gup post and newcomer Pema Chodup emerged victorious.

Former mangmi Choney Dorji was elected the Saling gup.

Mongar gewog had four candidates eyeing the gup post and former mangmi, Tenzin Wangchuk was elected.

Tashi Dendup was elected gup for Chali gewog.

In Chasakhar gewog, Pema Dorji is the gup-elect.

Dorji Leki was elected gup of Ngatshang gewog.

Sherimuhung gewog had three candidates who contested for the gup post. Former mangmi Ugyen was chosen by the people of the gewog.

Changa was elected the gup for Thangrong gewog.

Mongar had a total of 32,863 eligible voters, of which 15,778 were men and 17,085 were women.  A total of 4,542 postal ballot applications were received, however, 608 were rejected.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar