Staff Reporter 

An 18-year-old man escaped from the facility quarantine in Gelephu yesterday.

The suspect was arrested and placed under quarantine on November 11 for allegedly attempting to smuggle tobacco from across the border.

Gelephu police are hunting the suspect.

There are three suspects placed under facility quarantine in Gelephu for involving in alleged illegal activities across the border to date, excluding the 18-year-old suspect.

Three security officials were monitoring the suspect and other routine travellers placed under facility quarantine in the same hotel.

There are more than 20 hotels in Gelephu used to quarantine travellers and the suspects involved in illegal smuggling.

Gelephu police officials said providing security was difficult with many people quarantined in many hotels in scattered locations. The suspect was quarantined in a hotel about three kilometres away from Gelephu town.

Two men from Chuzanggang were placed in facility quarantine on November 14 for allegedly crossing the border to sell a pair of bulls and another man, according to Gelephu police.