Potato yield drops in Trashigang

Some gewogs saw good yield while others were disappointed

Agriculture: Spurred by good price in 2014, more farmers in Trashigang got into cultivating potatoes, but production has slightly decreased in 2015.

Cut-off policy cutting too deep

What is the point in investing so much in educating our children and then cutting them off midway?

Are employees not happy with an independent ECB?

Conflict: The tussle between the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) and the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) may have been resolved with ECB gaining independence, but human resource management within the independent ECB has not gone well among some of the employees.

Art competition ends

Event: Indian ambassador Jaideep Sarkar awarded prizes and certificates to the participants of the week-long art workshop and painting competition themed “Spiritual and cultural linkage between Bhutan and India” yesterday at the Nehru- Wangchuck Cultural Centre.

How to lose weight … all but unwittingly

The manner in which a midriff (among others) can trim itself without one’s overly bending over backwards


Straying off course for the sake of a story that simply cries out to be told

MY closing remark on quakes and their telling impact on attic dwellers that I ended part one of this piece with last week reminds me of a yarn I’d heard of late — and I do beg your forgiveness for this passing aside that the raconteur in me just can’t resist.

Experts: HIA crucial in addressing developmental impact

Meeting: All projects will be subject to health impact assessment (HIA) after health ministry completes developing the necessary tools.

Surprise inspection collects Nu 104,300 fine

Cleanliness: Thimphu Thromde has slapped a fine of Nu 104,300 to building owners along the Norzin Lam and Chang Lam within three hours yesterday.

Investigation: police involved in forging release documents

Crime: After a month-long investigation, Thimphu police have found that one of their men was involved helping a prisoner escape on January 4.

Windstorm damages roof of 17 houses

Disaster: Roofs of 17 houses in Balana, Zhengosa, Saychena and Dragchukha chiwogs in Punakha were reportedly blown away by a windstorm yesterday at around 10am.