Fire: About 22 cows were killed, when a fire gutted the three-storied traditional house in Tomla village in Dangchu, Wangdue around 11:30pm on March 4.

25 cows were kept in the ground floor, and three managed to escape during the fire.  Eight were pregnant.

A couple, 66-year old Wangdi and his 63-year old wife, owned the house and cattle, a farmer, Mani Dorji, said.  He is the couple’s nephew, and also the one who informed police about the fire.

Mani Dorji said the couple was asleep when the fire occurred. “Wangdi came out first after hearing the neighbours’ shouts, and went back to get his wife out,” he said.

Within an hour and a half, the house was completely razed, he said. “We couldn’t save the house, but prevented it from spreading to another house nearby,” he said.

They don’t know how the fire started, but the house owner suspects his son in-law could have set the house on fire.  The wife, villagers said, is inconsolable, as she calls out for her cows and keeps losing consciousness.

Wangdue police said the couple claimed to have lost about Nu 90,000, and all other belongings to the fire.

Police said, since Tolma village is about a three-hour drive from Bajo, the house was gutted by the time they reached the village.

Although neighbors informed police that an electric shock might have sparked off the fire, the house owner told police that he suspects his son in-law, as they were lately having problems with him.

The couple received a semso of Nu 10,000 from His Majesty the King through the district kidu officer.  They were also provided with an emergency kit.  The couple is currently staying at their cousin’s house.   

By Dawa Gyelmo, Wangdue