Training: As part of the ambassador’s scholarship programme, 24 Bhutanese youth and in-service plumbers and electricians will undergo vocational trainings in National Academy of Construction in Hyderabad, India.

The selected candidates left for India yesterday.

Of them, 14 will be trained as electricians and 10 as plumbers for four months.

In addition to food and lodging expenses, the trainees will receive a monthly stipend of Rs 5,000 from the government of India.

The government of India will also bear the travel expenses of the trainees. “If the programme becomes successful, we will have such programmes in the future as well,” Indian ambassador Jaideep Sarkar said, speaking to the trainees.

The ambassador said the vocational trainings were relevant as Bhutan was undertaking large economic activities such as hydropower and construction projects. “The vocational trainings will give you the required skills Bhutanese economy needs,” he said.

The trainees include both in-service employees and jobseekers. The ambassador said he hopes the courses would provide them employment.

“The training will also give you cross-cultural experience, which is very useful,” he said.

The trainees were selected from various dzongkhags. Their academic performance among others was also taken into consideration for selection of the candidates.

The trainees said they were happy to get the opportunity to upgrade their skills. The course, the ambassador, said will also help them understand work culture and develop their skills.

MB Subba