Thimphu police apprehended 26 people, between 15 and 42 years, in connection with alleged trafficking and abuse and possession of controlled substances during the last two weeks.

Of the total, 15 were arrested and detained in connection with the alleged illicit trafficking while 11 were alleged of abusing them. Three are female and two are students.

Thimphu police’s officer-in-command (OC), Major Wangdi, said that the 11 people arrested for drug abuse are referred to Bhutan Narcotic Control Authority for counselling and treatment.

Police seized 1,580 spasmoproxyvon (SP) capsules, 30 N10 and 42.223 grams of hashish.

Major Wangdi said the increase in the number of illicit traffickers and abusers could be because of easy availability of these substances in border towns. “People might be taking the opportunity of the black market.”

Staff reporter