Convocation: Of the 275 candidates who received their diplomas for successfully completing their courses during the 20th convocation of the Royal Institute of Management in Thimphu yesterday, only 95 of them were women.

The graduates of the academic year 2014-2015 were conferred diplomas in nine different courses under three different categories: Masters, Post Graduate Diploma and Diploma.

Out of the 27 candidates conferred Masters in Business Management (Public Administration), only one was a woman. A similar pattern was observed throughout the rest of the eight courses except when it came to national law courses, women outnumbered men.

The diploma in national law (DNL) saw 27 women and 12 men graduates. Likewise in the postgraduate diploma in national law (PGDNL), of the total 33 graduates in the category, 14 were women.

The toppers in these courses were also women. Pema Yechang of PGDNL excelled in her course and was awarded a scholastic honours award.  A law graduate from India, Pema Yechang said that it was always her dream to become a leading lawyer in the country.

“My interest in the subject helped pursue this dream of mine,” said the 26-year-old. She said that more women are now opting for law courses because there are more career opportunities in the area. “Even if an individual cannot make it to the civil service, there are brighter opportunities in the corporate and private sector. You also get paid well in this field.”

Pema Yechang currently works at the Supreme Court.

For 21-year-old Tshering Lham it was her brilliance in Dzongkha and her genuine interest in the subject that made her study law. “I believe in justice and it should be conveyed with utmost transparency.”

Tshering Lham who is currently interning with the Thimphu Thromde wishes to start her career working in the civil service. However, she also plans to join the private and corporate sector once she gains experience in the field.

“Working in a government agency is a perfect platform to understand the basics of all the laws,” she said. “Once you have the experience, you have no problem working anywhere.”

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay who awarded the graduates with the diploma on behalf of His Majesty The King, congratulated the graduates and highlighted the importance of preserving the country’s sovereignty and contributing to the development of the nation together.

“As much as His Majesty The King wanted to be here in person to celebrate this special day with you all, you must know that His Majesty The King is unable to gather because His Majesty The King is touring the country,” said Lyonchoen.

The national objective that His majesty The King shares with all the youth, Lyonchoen said, should be a priority and ensured through a collective responsibility.

Lyonchoen added that the graduates must draw inspiration from the examples set by His majesty The King and live up to the expectations of His Majesty The King’s vision for the country. He said that as a small country, it is paramount that all Bhutanese join forces and work collectively for the growth of the country adding that it is extremely important that Bhutanese continue to stay united and continue to live in harmony.

“We have different religions and cultures but ultimately we are all Bhutanese, bound by the love of our Monarch,” said Lyonchoen. “We must progress as a nation and we have the capability to achieve our national goals.”

Lyonchoen said that as the graduates now entered a new chapter in their lives, they should keep the national objective in mind and never let complacency, mediocrity and corruption plague their minds.

Meanwhile, 47-year-old Rinzin Rinzin who completed his Masters in Business Management (Public Administration) received the prestigious Dean’s Excellency Award from the University of Canberra at the convocation yesterday.

The popular writer who has six books authored under his name said that his zeal to never stop learning is his main inspiration. “Times have changed. Today the society is driven by knowledge and education plays a very essential role in this society.”

Rinzin Rinzin also excelled in his course and was awarded the scholastic honours award.

Younten Tshedup