A winter programme for children between seven years to 24, which began on December 28 and ended on January 11 at the Nazhoen Pelri in Thimphu saw 280 students participating in the various programs.

The participants performed various activities such as poetry recitation, enacted drama, displayed arts and performed a theatrical dance where children told stories through dances on the theme ‘Child Protection’ to mark the success of the program.

Called ‘The While (in) g Vacation Programme’, it offered activities that are fun, engaging and effective in building the capacity of youths through series of learning processes while children and youth are on vacation for the last eight years.

Youth Development Fund’s (YDF) programme officer, Tashi Deki, said the programme was organised to make children and youth learn skills and explore interests besides being engaged during the break.

“It provided an opportunity for our young minds to get together and learn more, enhance their talents and open new doors for the profound world of learning,” she said.

Tashi Deki said that the activities were designed to enhance the participant’s interests and motivations towards a wholesome education.

“Owing to the importance of preserving the national language, we started reading program in Dzongkha this year. We are planning to bring new programmes in the next winter programme.”

Bhutan National Bank Limited (BNBL) funded the programme.

Sonam Choden