Pemagatshel: In Pemagatshel, three former gups were voted out while five former gups got re-elected during the second round of the local government elections held yesterday, going by the provisional count.

Among the former gups who lost the elections was one of the longest-serving gups Lepo of Shumar gewog. He lost to a law graduate Sangay Chophel by 130 votes. Lepo secured 683 votes, and Sangay Chophel 813.

Ugyen Dorji is the gup-elect of Norboogang. He defeated the former gup Karma Rabten by 161 votes. Another contestant, Kinley Thinley, 36, secured only 363 votes, while Sonam Gaylay secured 201 votes.

Sangay Thinley is the gup-elect of Yurung. He defeated former gup Sonam Dendup by 239 votes. Sangay Thinley secured 498 votes, and Sonam Dhendup 259.

Former mangmi Yeshi Wangdi is the gup-elect of Chhimoong gewog. He secured 207 votes. The former gup of the gewog was voted out during the chiwog zomdu.

Pema Dorji is the gup-elect of Zobel gewog.

Ugyen Tshering is the gup-elect of Dungmaed gewog. He defeated Tashi Phuntsho by 154 votes. The winner secured 618 votes.

Ngajay Dorji is the gup-elect of Khar. He secured 657 votes while his contestant Norbu Wangdi got 545 votes.

Dechhenling re-elected the former gup Sonam Rinchen who secured 499 votes.

Chongshing’s former gup, Pema Dorji, won a landslide victory over Nima Dorji and Phuntsho Wangdi. Pema Dorji secured 558 votes while Nima Dorji and Phuntsho Wangdi got 117 and 58 votes respectively.

Jigme Nidup is the mangmi-elect for Chhoekhorling gewog. Thinley Jamtsho is the mangmi of Chhimoong gewog.

Namkha Dorji is the mangmi-elect for Chongshing gewog while Tshetor is the mangmi-elect of Dechhenling. Tharchen topped the votes for the post of mangmi in Dungmaed gewog while Dorji Gyeltshen is the mangmi-elect of Khar gewog.

The people of Nanong elected Daza as the mangmi and Drukda Dorji is the mangmi-elect for Norboogang gewog.

Gembo Dorji is mangmi-elect of Shumar gewog and Dhendup Gyeltshen mangmi-elect of Yurung. In Zobel, Sonam Choden, the only female candidate, was re-elected as mangmi.

Of the 24,507 registered voters in the dzongkhag, only 9,761 cast the vote.

Tenzin Namgyel |  Pemagatshel