LG: When the local government (LG) elections slated for July begins, Trashigang will have three candidates contesting for the post of thrompon.

If elected, the candidates have already sorted out a surge of developmental activities they would bring into the sleepy township.

Contesting from Melphey constituency, Pelden Dorji, 42, is a BA graduate from the North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) in Shillong, India. Having worked as a banking officer with Bank of Bhutan (BOB), he is currently managing a travel agency.

His top priority is to address the growing issue of traffic congestion in the town through the construction of a multi-parking facility. Besides developing Trashigang into a model town, his other priorities include construction of recreational facilities in all the six constituencies, providing continuous water supply and promoting Trashigang as a tourist destination.

“I will also work on improving sanitation and hygiene, construct pedestrian footpaths and set up purification facilities at water sources in all the constituencies,” he said. “In order to work closely with the people, I shall commit two days in a week for public consultations.”

Standing from Pam constituency, Jamyang, 29, and a BA graduate from North Bengal University said he will focus on expediting the growth of Trashigang town. Owing to the limited space for further development and expansion of the present town, he said the township requires a cautious and comprehensive development plan through well executed Local Area Plan.

“Therefore, we can expect town extension towards Pam, which is just five kilometers away from the present town,” he said. “Melphey is yet another important area although it has been marked as a red zone. Given its proximity to the school, hospital and other business areas, there is scope for constructing recreational facilities and residential buildings.”

Face-lifting activities like proper drinking water and sanitation facilities, market pavements, development of parking and educational facilities like the ECCDs are his other priorities.

“Trashigang also has a huge potential to develop as a business centre for the other eastern dzongkhags. To make this happen, we need to have proper infrastructures in place,” he said.

The only woman candidate contesting for the post of thrompon, Pema Wangmo, 31, is a BA Political Science graduate from NEHU University in Shillong. For the last six years, she has been aiding in running the Pam Dairy Cooporative. She will be contesting from the Pam-Tapteng constituency.

“I always wanted to contribute to the Tsawa-Sum, which has given us so much. Should I become a local leader, I will have a platform to serve my people and the country,” she said. “Born and brought up in Trashigang, I have a clear understanding of how the throm has evolved over the years and the changes that are necessary.”

If elected, Pema Wangmo would work towards providing adequate safe drinking water, establish proper waste management and drainage systems, address traffic congestion problems and identify proper construction sites to prevent town congestion in future.

“I shall start transportation service for students and the general public at subsidised rates, construct pedestrian footpaths especially in the core town areas, manage parking facilities and upgrade Pam primary school,” she said. “Given my association with the people of Trashigang throm for several years, I will also be in a position to directly address their problems.”

During the elections, Trashigang thromde will have 843 registered voters exercising their rights. With 165 eligible voters, Melphey constituency has the highest voter population while Pam-Tapteng has the least at 114. Mithidrang has 118 voters, Dzonglam-Kheri has 154 and Chenari-Pam Maed 134 voters. Pam Toed constituency has 158 eligible voters.

Tshering Wangdi |  Trashigang