At least five people tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) every month in the last six months.

With 33 new HIV positive cases detected in the last six months, the total number of people living with HIV in the country has reached 548, records with the Health Information and Service Centre (HISC) shows.

According to records, which were shared on the centre’s Facebook page on August 22, there are 284 males and 264 females living with HIV as of June this year.

The report also states that 87 percent of the cases are within the age range of 15 to 49 years, with 176 people between 30-39 years old, 133 people between 25-29 years and 79 people between 20-24 years.

It also states that 26 HIV positives are children below five years.

The last update was revealed in November 2016, where with 23 new cases detected within June 2016 to November 2016, the total number of people living with HIV then was 515.

This year’s statistics show that housewives, at 112, top the list of persons living with HIV. By occupational groups, 107 farmers, 92 business and private individuals and 50 drivers are HIV positives.

It also states that there 11 from the religious body, 36 from armed forces, eight are students or trainees and three prisoners. Of the total, 35 minors are living with HIV today.

There are 29 civil servants and 28 private and corporate employees who are HIV positive.

The report also states that 12 HIV positives are sex workers.

While the maximum number of diagnosis, according to the report, was through contact tracing for 162 people, 119 people were detected through voluntary testing and 117 through medical screening.

It also states that the main mode of transmission was sexual route for 506 people, 35 mothers to child transmission, three through probable use of intravenous drug use and three through blood transfusion, which could have happened abroad.

Tashi Dema


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