The number of vacancies in the civil service has increased by 95 slots but the number of graduates appearing the preliminary exam (PE) 2018 has dropped by 426 this year.

Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) announced 589 vacancies for general and technical graduates this year, up from 494 vacancies announced last year.

About six graduates will be vying for a job in the civil service this year.

The highest of 304 vacancies are announced for technical service followed by 205 vacancies for Postgraduate Diploma in education, and 80 for administration (PGDPA), finance (PGDFM) and technical service (PGDNL).

However, the commission announced that the number of vacancies for the technical category would change depending on the number of candidates qualifying the PE, availability of field studies or specialisation and after verification of documents.

Vacancies for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS) increased by two slots this year to 35 while in 2017, the number of slots had dropped to 33 from 54 in 2016.

MBBS graduates are exempted from appearing PE. However, the candidates should have completed the Bhutan Civil Service Examination (BCSE) e-registration on July 18.

“MBBS graduates not completing their internship by December 31, 2018 will not be eligible to sit for BCSE 2018. However, if the graduates sit for the BCSE, then the candidate will lose one of their BCSE quota,” according to RCSC.

Among the 205 vacancies in PGDE this year, Dzongkhag has the highest slot at 100 from 35 announced last year. IT education increased from 10 to 15 and the slots for Guidance and Counseling increased by 10 slots.

Vacancies in technical and medical categories increased from 273 to 304 this year, which is the highest among the three categories. The highest of 77 vacancies are announced for clinical nurse followed by engineering and MBBS.

With registration for BCSE 2018 closed on July 18, a total of 3,458 graduates are expected to appear the prelims on August 5.

In the last three years, the number of graduates registering to appear PE decreased by 181 in 2017 and by 426 this year. More than 4,000 graduates registered for BCSE in 2016.

The highest, 1,135 graduates have registered for PGDPA followed by 1,105 in technical category, 670 for PGDFM, 289 for PGDE and 259 for Dzongkha.

Of the total 3,458 graduates, 73 percent have completed their degree in the country and the remaining 27 percent from abroad.

25 fewer vacancies for B.Ed grads 

The total vacancies for B.Ed graduates have decreased by 25 slots this year, while the number of candidates appearing BCSE has increased by about 100 candidates.

With BCSE for B.Ed graduates scheduled in October, 551 graduates registered for the main exam this year. About 400 graduates appeared the exam last year.

There are114 vacancies for general category followed by 64 for Dzongkha, 30 for History, and 29 for the IT education. Vacancies for IT B.Ed increased from 12 slots announced last year to 29 this year.

There is only one slot for B.Ed Special Education.



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