Staff Reporter

Green Bhutan Corporation Limited (GBCL) has planted 35,000 trees in the Yargaythang in Sarpang.

The initiative, undertaken in 2023 in collaboration with the local communities, aims to establish natural carbon sinks, enhance wildlife habitat and sustainable development in Yargaythang.

A diverse array of fruit trees such as guava and jackfruit were planted to create a thriving ecosystem conducive for local wildlife populations.

The project is also expected to create income generating opportunities for the locals in the long run.

GBCL’s chief executive officer, Karma Jigme Temphel, said that such endeavours not only fostered biodiversity, but also contributed to the conservation of wildlife species and ensured that the ecological balance was not disturbed.

All the trees, he added, are individually captured with EcoMatcher’s T-coder technologies so that one can virtually visit and track the trees in 3D mode.

“As trees serve as natural carbon sinks, they play a pivotal role in mitigating the adverse effects of climate change,” Karma Jigme Temphel said. “That way, GBCL sets a precedent for proactive environmental stewardship, advocating for a greener and more sustainable future. Planting trees can also help mitigate landslides and soil erosion in the community forest areas.”

With the support of organisations like EcoMatcher and MyBhutan, GBCL plans to launch more such greening projects throughout the country.