Choki Wangmo | Tsirang

Tsirang dzongkhag had deployed 36 civil servants along with desuups to deliver essential services to people residing in the 12 gewogs.

The dzongkhag has reported Covid-19 positive cases from the community since January 26 and implemented a lockdown.

According to the incident commander of the dzongkhag Covid-19 taskforce, Chewang Rinzin, a team of desuups was deployed from the 1010 centre in Thimphu. “The team members increased to 21, with 20 helplines set up to provide public services within three days.”

He said five helplines are operational now and as demand for services increase, they plan to make more lines operational.

The chairperson said that besides the 28 desuups deployed for essential service delivery, three civil servants each have been deployed to every gewog in Tsirang upon His Majesty The King’s command. “As demand increases, we are increasing the number of people working on the ground.”

It was learnt that the team received 255 calls as of February 2, out of which more than 50 percent were for essential services and 20 percent were for movement permits.

According to the taskforce notification issued on February 2, civil servants are expected to facilitate delivery of essential supplies, agriculture and livestock-related services, deaths and emergencies, movement of stranded people into and out of the gewogs, and other services.

Chewang Rinzin said that to reduce pressure on the central essential service delivery team in Damphu town, two shops each in nine gewogs were allowed to open to the public. “Three gewogs near Damphu, Kilkhorthang, Rangthangling, and Tsholingkhar, are provided services by the central essential service delivery team.”

He said that with enhanced testing since the second day of the lockdown, the number of flu clinics and mobile testing centres has also increased in the dzongkhag. “There are two flu clinics and three mobile testing centres. “

More than 1,000 samples had been tested as of February 2.

On February 4, the taskforce announced the colour-coding and phase-wise relaxation of lockdown in the dzongkhag. Five gewogs are declared green zones: Tsirangtoed, Barshong, Patshaling, Sergithang, and Phuentenchu. Some parts of Kilkhorthang, Ranthangling, Gosarling, and Tsholingkhar gewogs are still under the red zone.

There are 35 positive cases in the dzongkhag, out of which four are from the community. Most of the primary contacts are reportedly from Rangthangling gewog.

Tsirang residents seeking services can call toll-free numbers: 1221 for Covid-19 testing, 1220 for essential service delivery including animal feeds, mandarin exporters can call 17612857, and those suffering from domestic violence can reach out through the toll-free number 1098.