Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Fifty-three people had been put under home quarantine in Nganglam, Pemagatshel recently after coming into contact with a man, who had crossed the border illegally.

A border patrolling team apprehended the 28-year-old man from Tanzama in Norbugang gewog when he was returning from Dawdari in Assam, India on July 19.

Senior district health officer of Pemagatshel, (DHO) Kinley Dorji, said that a-28-year-old man had crossed the border once two weeks before his arrest. A border patrolling team apprehended him during the second time when he was returning from Dawdari.

He said that the main suspect was put under facility quarantine on the same day as he had put the community in risk breaching the protocol and Covid-19 standard operation procedure.

“The reason for crossing the border is still unknown as the officials could not interrogate the man,” the official said.

The 53 people who came into contact with him were also placed under home quarantine the following day. “They are strictly monitored by health officials and Desuups.”

He said that the officials conducted a rapid test and RT-PCR on the suspect, but both results came negative.

Despite the strict surveillance and patrolling at the border, it is still challenging for authorities to monitor such trespassing due to the thick forest cover and many informal routes.

“We request the general public to cooperate and inform the concerned authorities if they come to know about such incidents,” Kinley Dorji said.