Staff reporter

The Department of Innovation and Technology (InnoTech) under Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) in collaboration with Omdena, a global company will train 60 Bhutanese in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning courses.

The programme began on May 7 with the commencement of the Omdena artificial and machine learning online course.

The participants from various backgrounds such as in finance, research, and media, among others have been selected from more than 240 applicants. The participants will be learning concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning for three weeks.

According to a press release, DHI InnoTech and Omedena will launch a global four-week hackathon after the course is completed. Besides, Omdena will work with more than 50 AI engineers over an additional 8-week to develop the idea shortlisted from the hackathon to be developed into a fully deployable algorithm.

It states that DHI InnoTech is identifying key themes and issues that can be resolved using innovative AI or ML applications for the global hackathon. This pilot InnoTech-Omdena programme will serve as a showcase platform for local institutions and those interested in AI or ML.

The press release states that DHI InnoTech, since its formation in 2018, has prioritised capacity building focusing on inclusive uptake of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics education.

Omdena, on the other hand, is on a mission to run open-source AI projects to solve challenges faced by local communities, with the belief that training should be available and accessible to all. “This partnership, thus, paves a new path toward accessible education and collaborative learning in Bhutan,” it states.

Omdena is a collaborative global platform and network of AI engineers, working with different partners to build challenges that address real-world problems in social, environmental, and health care sectors. Omdena has more than 5,000 collaborators in 100 countries and 70 local chapters.