Fifteen teachers have left Druk School in Thimphu. Eight teachers, including the principal, resigned voluntarily while the school retrenched seven teachers.

Most of the retrenched teachers were not informed about the management’s decision.

The letter from the management, which mentioned that it would relieve the teachers from January 31 2018, took the teachers by surprise.

The letter mentioned that the management had decided to downsize the number of teachers in the school due to fall in enrollment and to maintain a compact group of teachers.

One of the teachers said that they have not raised the issue with anyone.

A teacher said: “We’ve been trying to meet the management and the proprietor.”

Another teacher said that had the management informed them earlier about their decision, they would have had time to plan.

“I was told that the management is downsizing the number of teachers. If this is true, then why did the school recruit new teachers,” a teacher said.

The school has about 644 students from pre-primary to class X as of 2017.

Kuensel could not contact the proprietor for comments.

Yangchen C Rinzin