The dzongkhag elected seven women tshogpas and one woman mangmi

LG: Wangdue’s voter turn out was over 75 percent on September 27.

The dzongkhag has more than 18,000 registered voters, of which nearly 14,000 cast their votes through postal ballot and in person, as per the dzongkhag’s election record.

One woman mangmi and seven women tshogpas were elected from 15 gewogs in Wangdue. At least 156 tshogpa candidates contested in 77 chiwogs from across the dzongkhag, election officials said.

In Gase-Tshogoam gewog, Galem of Changkha chiwog is the tshogpa-elect while Gangtey chiwog in Gangtey gewog elected Dechen Pelden as their tshogpa.

The two chiwogs of Thedtsho gewog have elected women tshogpas, Chador Bidha of Wonjukha and Nim Dem of Rinchengang Moed chiwog.

Dawa Zangmo of Geylekha-Kuenzangling chiwog in Nyisho gewog and Sonam Dema of Wachhay chiwog in Bjena gewog are the tshogpas-elect. Hebisa chiwog of Gasetshogwom gewog also elected Kinley Gyem as their tshogpa.

Except for Usegang chiwog in Dangchu and another chiwog in Kashi, election officials said the remaining15 gewogs have five and six tshogpas-elect each. While Rubesa and Nyisho have six tshogpas each, the rest has five tshogpas each.

Usegang chiwog in Dangchu had a lone tshogpa candidate, Gyeltshen, who secured only 28 Yes against 49 No votes. The tshogpa post in Usegang will remain vacant for now.

Of the 15 gewogs, Gangtey, Nahi, Nyisho and Rubesa saw 12 tshogpa contestants each, while Gase-tshogoam, Dangchu and Dakar gewogs had 11 tshogpa contestants each. Sephu, Phangyul, Bjena and Gasetshogwom had 10 contestants each while Phobji and Thedtsho had nine tshogpa candidates each. Kazhi gewog saw only eight tshogpa candidates contesting from four of its five chiwogs.

Around 46 mangmi candidates also contested on poll day. Of 15 gewogs, Dakar elected its lone woman mangmi candidate, Sonam Lham.

Athang gewog has elected Dawa Gyeltshen while Dangchu gewog elected Sonam Dorji. In Gase-tshog-goam Chimi Namgyel is the new mangmi-elect and in Gase-Tshogwom, Nado is the mangmi-elect. In Thedtsho gewog, Chador won the mangmi post and in Nahi gewog, former mangmi Tandin Wangchuk was re-elected.

While Kashi elected Gyem Thinley, in Bjena, former mangmi Kinley Tawchung has been re-elected as mangmi. In Gangtey, Gyem Phub won the mangmi post against Kumbu.

Nyisho gewog elected Karma Tenzin while in Phangyul gewog, Wangchuk Namgay, is the mangmi-elect. In Phobjikha, Sati is the mangmi-elect. Rubesa gewog elected Damcho Dorji and Sephu gewog elected Rinchen Khandu as mangmi.

Meanwhile, the deceased woman mangmi candidate of Bjena received 10 postal ballots, which were declared invalid as per the Election Act.

Dawa Gyelmo | Wangdue