Of the total 12,651 registered facilitation booth voters in Chukha, 9,962 people cast their votes at the four facilitation booths and one mobile booth across Chukha from September 7 to September 9. The dzongkhag recorded a 78.7 percent turnout.

Of the total who voted, 5,154 are women and 4,808 men. About 2,689 registered voters people did not come to vote at the facilitation booths. 

Considering the total registered voters, women turnout is marginally higher at 79.7 percent compared to men’s 77.7 percent. 

The maximum number of voters was registered in Phuentsholing. There were 8,012 registered voters in the three booths of the College of Science and Technology, Phuentsholing middle secondary school, and Phuentsholing lower secondary school. 6,274 turned up at the three facilitation booths to cast their votes in the three days. 

Two voters had registered for mobile booth and both voted. 


 About 3,746 voters that make up 78.4 percent of the total 4,776 registered voters cast their ballots at the four facilitation booths and one mobile booth in Samtse. 

About 2,283 women and 1,463 men voted at the facilitation booths while 1,030 registered facilitation booth voters did not show up. 

Meanwhile, of the 2,008 registered voters at the Samtse high school facilitation booth, about 1,592 turned up, and 416 did not. Officials were trying to figure out who these voters were and why many of them not turned up to exercise their franchise. 

It costs the election office Nu 90 to post a ballot. 

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing