As the opening of envelope A of the postal ballot began on September 13 at the offices of the returning officer yesterday, 95 ballots were rejected in Lhuentse.

There are 6,697 registered postal voters in two constituencies, of which only 5544 voters have cast their votes.

Gangzur-Minjey constituency has 3,412 registered postal voters of which 2,801 have been received.  Of them, 51 were rejected due to issues with name in the registered postal voter list, envelope B missing in the envelop A, Identity Declaration Certificate (IDC) missing in envelop B, and incomplete VPIC number on the IDC, according to Gangzur-Minjey’s returning officer, Thinlay.

The office of the returning officer of Menbi-Tsenkhar constituency received 2,743 of the 3,285 registered voters.  Of the 542 ballots received, were rejected.

Tshering Namgyal |  Lhuentse