Of the 1,125 that registered to use postal ballot facilitation booth (FB) service in Zhemgang, 990 turned up in the last three days to cast their ballots.

In upper Kheng, of the 884 registered voters, 782 turned up, 450 female and 332 male.  On first day, September 7, the FB was operated at Zhemgang Central School and shifted to Buli and Yeblaptsa the following days.

In lower Kheng, of the 241 registered, 208 turned up, 124 female and 84 male. For the first two days, the FB was operated at Sonamthang Central School in Panbang and shifted to Pantang on the last day.

With the FB service concluded, a two-day refresher course for 197 polling officials in the dzongkhag begin from yesterday. The course is been conducted separately for the two regions.

There are 41 polling stations in the dzongkhag, 20 in the lower region and 21 in upper kheng.

According to the returning officers, the polling officials will be deployed to the respective polling stations (PS) from September 12.

In lower Kheng, the farthest PS is Chabgoenpa in Bjoka gewog, which takes a day to reach on foot.

In the upper region, Philabi and Langdurbi PS in Bardo gewog and Kamjong in Nangkor gewog are the farthest.

Zhemgang has a total of 18,567 registered voters with 9,165 male and 9,402 female.

Tashi Tenzin | Zhemgang