Review: Here is a book that is neither here nor there.  It is difficult to give it a place where it should belong.  Not for the want of any worth, though.  The book talks about many subjects and many things all too lavishly.  It doesn’t belong to any particular genre.

Discover the Eleven Profit Centres of Life by Langa Tshering is a book that in itself is strange, and that which celebrates eccentricity outside its pages and chapters.  And perhaps because the writer is an engineer by profession, some confusing diagrams arrest the reader’s eyes frequently.  But explanations are there that do the demystification part quite successfully.

Ruminations and poetry in the book are simple, sometimes coarse, yet deep and inward-looking.  Gibran, Reeves, Menninger, Jimmy Carter, Kennedy, Maxwell, Obama, Mark Twain and many other luminaries come to life in this book.

Discover the Eleven Profit Centres of Life is about life.  It is about time also.  Too it is about money, education, motivation, determination and success.  Knowledge, leadership, hope and culture are the throbbing soul of the book.

Written in a clean and easy language, the book will be useful to students, who aspire to learn and write.  Educationists will benefit from its many narratives of traditional and modern education in the country.  Leaders and managers will have good practices for achievement of progress.  Others will find practical lessons to take home.

Edited by former editor of Bhutan Observer, Needrup Zangpo, the first edition of the book was published in 2014.  Discover the Eleven Profit Centres of Life is available in all the bookstores in Thimphu at Nu 395.

By Jigme Wangchuk