Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

The De-Suung office in Samdrupjongkhar relieved a De-Suup from his duty for violating the De-Suup’s code of conduct and the Covid-19 standard operation procedure (SoP).

According to the letter issued by the office, the accused from the 40th Batch was found under the influence of alcohol around 3:40pm at the goods quarantine area near the taxi parking on October 12 and also breached the Covid-19 SoP of import and export of essential items.

“He was found consuming alcohol at a bar in the town again in uniform later in the evening,” the letter stated.

The letter stated that the De-Suup coordinator called him to report to the office at 6pm and briefed him on the dos and don’ts of De-Suups on duty. “But it was an act of disrespect and insubordination for him to leave abruptly in the middle of the briefing wherein he also demonstrated arrogant behaviour,” the letter stated.

De-Suup coordinator, Karma Lodroe said the De-Suup was found drinking alcohol during the duty while the De-Suup’s code of conduct and SoP do not allow De-Suups to consume alcohol, among others during the duty and while in uniform.

He said the De-Suup entered the quarantine area and had also touched an Indian truck ferrying goods, adding that they are not allowed touch and should maintain distance as per the Covid-19 preventive protocols.

The De-Suup was not quarantined because he told authorities that he did not touch the truck and washed his hands. The coordinator said they were informed that he was climbing on a truck.

The matter was informed to the De-Suung head office in Thimphu. Kuensel couldn’t contact the De-Suup as his phone was switched off.