Residents of Tingtibi will no longer have to drive all the way to Zhemgang to fuel their cars as a fuel depot will soon be available in the town.
The Druk Petroleum Corporation Ltd (DPCL) is currently constructing a fuel depot in Tingtibi.

Prem Bahadur, 39, who drives a Bolero, said people usually had to drive 35km to Zhemgang to fuel their cars. “It is a waste of time and fuel but we have no choice,” he said. He added that he stores fuel in jerry cans at home.

Another resident, Ugyen, said with the new fuel station in place, drivers can travel directly to Trongsa and Buli without having to first go to Zhemgang to fuel. She also added that many do not use their vehicles frequently given concerns of running of fuel.

A civil servant said it is also difficult for residents to refill their cooking gas cylinders. Sometimes, after travelling to Zhemgang to purchase a cylinder, they would find that the depot had run out of stock, he said. “This was one of the biggest challenges we faced in the absence of a gas station,” he said.

DPCL’s general manager, Nima Tshering, said the contractor has completed 20 percent of the work and that the depot will be ready by March.

Nima Wangdi | Tingtibi