Nima Wangdi

Water Female Rabbit Year: The Water Female Rabbit Year will be good for the farmers. The land will be fertile and crop yields will increase, according to Buddhist astrology.

Pangrizampa School of Astrology’s teacher, Karma Dendup, said that there would be ample rainfall in the Water Female Rabbit Year, favourable for plants and flowers. He said crops would yield better and flowers would grow in abundance.

Astrologers do not predict windstorms this year but would be slight threats from fire. Threat from water is predicted to be minimal.

Karma Dendup said the year is bad for infants and children although young people would enjoy peace and happiness. ”The year will be worst for the elderly people.”

It is also a bad year for the cattle.

Karma Dendup said that for the well-being of the cattle, people are encouraged to appease local deities and recite Guru Soeldep, Jigten Wangchuk, Mani, and Baza Guru.

People in the highlands are likely to experience floods and flash floods due to heavy rainfall, according to astrologers.

The year will see diseases and economic problems.

Karma Dendup said that any task or event initiated by 11-year-boy born in Water Snake Year will be successful. People born in Earth Snake Year and 35 years old and 59 years old born in the Wood Snake Year can also initiate important tasks and events. However, besides having been born in these years, one should also be in perfect form, have both parents, and come from a good family lineage.

People born in the Year of Rabbit are Kaa this year and those born in Pig and Sheep Year are Thuensum. People born in the Rooster year are Duenzur. This means that the years are bad for them.

People who fall in the Thuensum and Duenzur categories are advised not to travel far or visit hot springs. They should also refrain from starting any important event and should avoid places where major tilling of land and constructions are taking place. However, in compelling situations, they can initiate important tasks after performing appropriate cleansing rituals.

Astrologers say that the year could witness disputes among high-level leaders, causing inconveniences to the public.

The third and ninth months of the Bhutanese calendar are Dhanag (Black months) during which important tasks should not be started.

“Overall, the year is good compared to the past years,” Karma Dendup said.