Maed demkhong of Phuentsholing thromde now has a tshogpa candidate to contest in the bye-election tomorrow.

Chunku Dawa

Chunku Dawa

The 35-year old, Chunku Dawa, a BBA graduate, is the lone candidate.

Maed constitutes the core town area in Phuentsholing.

Chunku Dawa has seven years of teaching experience in a private school and a private company in Phuentsholing.

“I volunteered to contest this time because nobody was coming forward,” she said, adding that she would have participated in the first bye-elections had she known there were no tshogpa candidates.

Chunku Dawa said that she would like to raise issues so that Maed issues are reflected.

Shortage of drinking water in town, traffic congestion, and cleanliness are important areas the core town area still is faced with, she said. “I would like to help the thromde and the people.”

Phuentsholing Thrompon Uttar Kumar Rai said that without a tshogpa, there was nobody to push for any development activities and plan from Maed.

“A tshogpa is required to push the plans for development activities and keep agendas,” he said. “There was communication gap between people and thromde.”

Uttar Kumar Rai said that thromde “tried its best” to not neglect Maed demkhong. Due to the proximity of the demkhong with the thromde office, there were not many problems. “We were able to give all the assistance we could.”

Former Maed tshogpa, Karma Chen, who also volunteered to work as a tshogpa for the core area, said: “There was nobody to raise our concerns. It is good there is one candidate at last.”

Rajesh Rai |Phuentsholing


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