Staff reporter

Wangduephodrang police detained a 45- year-old man on March 23 for voluntary manslaughter of a 50- year old man.

According to police, the suspect stabbed the victim outside the Nyisho gewog office. “At that time they came to the gewog office to settle an extramarital affair case,” a source said.

The incident took place on the afternoon of March 23.

The victim was confirmed dead on reaching the nearby Nyisho basic health unit (BHU) due to excessive bleeding.

Both the suspect and the victim were from the same gewog.

Nyisho Gup Dorji Dorji said that the suspect lodged a complaint to the gewog office against the deceased saying that he had an extramarital affair with his wife. “The suspect doesn’t have proof when we verified it.” 

“Since there was no proof, the gewog administration requested them for a compromise. Both of them agreed and departed for lunch. We informed them that by the time they return from lunch break, the agreement letter will be signed,” said the gup.

However, gup said that the incident took place during lunch break which was outside the gewog office boundary. “It was shocking. The suspect might have hidden the weapon outside.”

Five to six cases related to extramarital affairs occur in the gewog every year, according to gup.

“If the Covid-19 situation becomes better, gewog is planning to sensitise the people more on the issue.”

Wangdue police said that they have been advising people not to carry weapons while visiting offices.

The case is still under investigation.