Before we know it, we are already in the third month of the year.  November 11 is not very far, and the nation has already gone into a celebratory mood.  There are a lot of events dedicated to His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo, who will be turning 60, by the Gregorian calendar, on November 11.

It is a historic year for Bhutanese.  A year for paying tribute to one of the greatest leaders Bhutanese have seen, a moment to honour the service of a monarch, who epitomises monarchy in our living memory.  It is indeed a momentous year for Bhutanese.

There are many committees and sub committees set up to organise and coordinate events that are befitting to the occasion.  Everybody is looking forward to the big day.  From songs and dances to exhibitions and some events lined up to enter into the Guinness book of records, the celebrations with different themes and idea will be grand.

Bhutanese from all walks of lives are waiting to take part, even if its in the smallest ways.  The mood is upbeat, and there is excitement in the air.  There is every reason for Bhutanese to celebrate this year.

However, in the heat of the moment and the celebrations, we are perhaps a bit going over board.  Every other event taking place, even if it is scheduled to take place this year, cannot be dedicated or be in commemoration of the birth anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo.

We are starting to misuse the sacred occasion if we start to do that.  Some dedicate the event, for instance, even a friendly archery or khuru match, to the birth anniversary of Drukgyal Zhipa.  Just because it is a year of celebrations, every event organised cannot be in commemoration of the birth anniversary.  A dedication should be planned for the occasion, should see some effort and have relevance.  That is why we have committees and people delegated with responsibilities.

We can dedicate, for example, the recent historic World Cup qualifying win, but cannot say that the match was in commemoration of the birth anniversary.  It is a scheduled match and would have gone ahead with or without an occasion to commemorate.

Similarly, a book, unless relevantly planned for the occasion, or an art competition or annual festival cannot qualify as commemorating the birth anniversary.  Some even say it as an after thought.  Such things will demean the sacred occasion.

An initiative can be humble to take part in the celebrations and pay tribute to His Majesty Drukgyal Zhipa, but it has to come from the heart and not just ride on the occasion.

It is not a time to gain mileage from such an important occasion.