HEALTH AND FITNESS: I’m a big fan of yours and have been following your Facebook page. I’m planning to cut down some weight. I currently weigh 95kg. I started gym from December 18, 2013. I thought of gaining mass till 100kg and then cutting down. Is it a right time to cut or gain some more mass? 

My friends tell me that I have good genetics. I thought of competing in the upcoming South Asian bodybuilding fitness competition, 2016. I’d really appreciate if you can help me with a routine.


Hey Sonam,

I’m very happy that a young individual like you is taking weight training seriously. You’ve made significant progress. Well done!

Since you’ve been training for mass for a while now, and have intentions of competing next year, it will be wise to drop your body fat and see the real progress in terms of muscle mass and maturity you have really made. As long as your muscles are covered by fat, water and skin, you will not be able to measure, nor see the real progress you have made in terms of aesthetics.

In order to get ripped, you must understand some basic things first, so that you know exactly what you are doing.


1. Goal:

Getting cut, ripped, muscular, and reducing fat are some of the more popular names used to describe the same action.

Basically, what this means is to make the skin as thin as possible, by reducing the fat content in them, so that you can see and showcase your muscle clearly, rather than having blubber cover it.

2. Nutrition: 

The first and foremost way to approach this is by nutrition. You cannot burn body fat without being in a calorie deficit diet, meaning you must consume fewer calories than you’re doing at the moment. Doing so will force your body to use the stored body fat as calories to sustain the caloric needs, resulting in a leaner you.

3. Preserving your muscle at all cost: 

Protein consumption must increase in a calorie deficit diet, to insure your muscles are protected from being burned as fuel.

Tip of the week:

“The younger you start weight training, the deeper you can tap into your true potential for excellence”

This is what you should do:

Brisk walk for 20 minutes before breakfast, add 5 minutes to it every progressive week.

Weight train hard as always

A sample diet for you:

Meal 1:

1) 100g oatmeal

2) 1 fruit

3) 2 whole eggs

4) 30g 100 percent whey isolate (any brand) or 120g lean chicken/white fish

Post workout:

1) 40g whey isolate

2) 40g sugar or glucose

Meal 2:

1) 75g rice

2) 200g chicken or white fish or canned tuna

Meal 3: 

1) Large serving green vegetable boiled or steamed

2) 75g dried meat or 200g lean beef

Meal 4:

1) 40g whey isolate or 75g dried meat or 200g lean beef

2) 30g peanuts

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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