As Bhutanese within the country and beyond commemorated the 44th birth anniversary of His Majesty The King on February 21, the air was filled with fervour, gratitude, and unity. 

To Kuensel’s regret and the consternation of dzongkhags around the country, there were too many activities to highlight. But, publicity being of secondary importance, there is a greater sense of satisfaction that the people were able to honour their King in the reflections on the long journey we have come through in a short time.

There were many initiatives taken to give special meaning to the occasion, including the launch of Educare Skills, an online learning platform, the reservoir filling of the PHPA-II Hydroelectric project, greening projects, and art exhibitions, among others.  

From the bustling streets of Thimphu to the serene valleys of Bumthang, Bhutanese celebrated the occasion with a myriad of activities, reflecting not only their deep reverence for their monarch but also the profound significance of this day.

In schools and communities, young Bhutanese adorned in vibrant attire showcased their talents through songs, dances, and heartfelt performances. Others engaged in cleanliness drives, embodying the spirit of service championed by His Majesty. Offerings of butter lamps and prayer ceremonies reverberated across the nation, as heartfelt wishes for the long life and good health of His Majesty echoed in every corner.

But what does this day truly signify? Beyond the festivities and rituals lies a profound message of unity, gratitude, and national identity. His Majesty’s birth anniversary serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring bond between the monarchy and the people of Bhutan. It symbolises the unwavering support and genuine affection that the citizens harbour for their beloved leader, transcending geographical boundaries and societal differences. 

For Bhutanese around the world, observing this day holds immense significance. It is a time to reflect on the values of compassion, humility, and wisdom espoused by His Majesty, and to reaffirm our commitment to upholding these principles in our daily lives. It is also an opportunity to express gratitude for His Majesty’s visionary leadership, which has steered the nation towards peace, prosperity, and happiness.

The celebration of His Majesty’s birth anniversary serves as a unifying force, bringing together Bhutanese from all walks of life, irrespective of their backgrounds or beliefs. It is a testament to the resilience and solidarity of the Bhutanese people, who stand united in their devotion to their Monarch and country, and their commitment to building a harmonious society. 

To add more meaning to the occasion every year, what each of us could do is continue to cherish and uphold the values enshrined by His Majesty, and strive to emulate his exemplary leadership in our own lives.