There was a perfect moment 2,500 years ago. It was the perfect place – Vulture Peak in Bihar, the prefect teacher – Lord Buddha, the perfect teachings – Prajnaparamita,  the perfect time – the second turning of the wheel of dharma, and the perfect disciples – the assembly of countless Bodhisatvas.

On November 11, on this same sacred place, His Holiness the Je Khenpo presided over the auspicious chanting of the Manjushrinamasamgiti (the  Tantra on the perfection of wisdom) and the Heart Sutra (the essence of the Prajnaparamita teachings) joined by an estimated 10,000 monks and nuns and lay devotees from Bhutan and all over India.

The place was the sacred Bamboo Grove where the Buddha lived and taught. The event was the foundation laying ceremony for the construction of a Bhutanese Lhakhang in Rajgir to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the formal diplomatic ties between Bhutan and India. 

Unveiling the plaque, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar, said that this was a post where Lord Buddha spent 12 years and delivered some of the most profound sermons. Mr. Kumar thanks His Holiness for his presence at an event that would strengthen the “unchanging constant” which was Indo-Bhutan relations. He said he hoped that India would learn the secret of happiness from Bhutan and that people to people ties would now flourish with many more Bhutanese visiting India.

The year was filled with many events aimed at creating closer bonds between Bhutan and India. It was a year marked by conferences and talks, stories and discussions, drama and song, with plans and visions. His Holiness the Je Khenpo shared three visions of Bhutan-India relations:

India the blue sky; Bhutan the sun and moon. 

May this harmonious coexistence always adorn the world!

India the vast plains; Bhutan the lofty mountains. 

May this distinct and natural beauty always adorn the world!

India the ocean of Dharma; Bhutan the flowing stream. 

May the continuous  stream of Dharma spirit from Bhutan flowing into the sacred places of India, always adorn the world! 

Staff Reporter