Sherubling HSS and Trongsa PS might be merged but people recommend Samcholing schools as a central school 

Education: Sherubling Higher Secondary School (SHSS) and Trongsa Primary School (TPS), which are located nearby are likely to be merged to and become the dzongkhag’s second central school should the education ministry approve the idea from Prime minister Tshering Tobgay.

The schools are located less than a kilometer from Thruepang. In 1959, SHSS was opened as one of the central schools.

During his recent visit, Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay shared with the people of Nubi, Tangsibji, Drakteng and Langthel the idea to open a second central school in Trongsa.

“The government is looking at possibilities of clubbing SHSS and TPS to reform as central school in Trongsa,” lyonchoen said. “I will be discussing with the education minister.” Finance minister, Namgay Dorji who was accompanying the prime minister also agreed to the proposal.

Although Trongsa has only around 3,000 students, Lyonchoen said that a second central school is being considered in the larger interest of improving the quality of education.

However, people from Drakteng suggested that Samcholing primary and middle secondary schools be reformed as central school instead of Sherubling HSS. Samcholing schools in Drakteng are located around 28 kilometers from Trongsa.

“It would benefit the people of Drakteng, Langthel and Korphu if Samcholing schools are reformed into a central school since upper Trongsa already has a central school in Tshangkha,” Kezang Phuntsho from Drakteng said at the meeting.

Opening a central school in Samcholing would also help reduce school expenses for poorer communities in lower Trongsa, which make up the majority, he said.   “It will be benefiting the rural communities by having a central school in the villages than opening one in an urban place like Sherubling,” Kezang Phuntsho said.

Although another villager from Drakteng, Tenzin also supported the proposal to reform Samcholing as the central school, the prime minster said that couldn’t be done because of certain conditions pertaining to education policy in identifying central schools.

“I will not approve the idea of reforming Samcholing School to central school instead of Sherubling,” Lyonchoen said. “Sherubling is considered for central school so that children from far flung villages like Samcholing get preference to study there.”

The prime minister however assured the people that their suggestions would be included in his discussion with the education minister.

Finance minister, Namgay Dorji also reiterated Sherubling as a better location for central school than Samcholing. “Sherubling is considered for central school because of its history of being one of the earlier schools besides adequate infrastructures also being in place,” he said.

The finance minister also said that Samcholing couldn’t be considered because of the need to pump in more resources in building infrastructure.

Lyonchoen meanwhile asked the people to bear with the inevitable inconveniences in Tshangkha central school since it would take sometime before everything is settled. Tshangkha is the first school to start off, as a central school.

“Since Tshangkha is a school with limited existing facilities, it is likely to take two years to put in place the required infrastructure and adequate facilities,” Lyonchoen said.

Tempa Wangdi, Trongsa