A useful winter break

The winter break for students has arrived.

It is a time for students to unwind and regenerate before the next academic year.

Some plan to spend their vacations productively. Some may not have an idea of what to do.

What is important is that we as parents and guardians ensure that our children don’t spend the break idle or engaging in activities that break the law.

Like some students in Dagana who become mandarine collectors during their winter breaks, we can encourage the students to take up temporary jobs. The mandarine collectors in Dagana use their earnings to fund their school expenses in the next academic year. They set an excellent example of how to productively use their break.

Not all need to be employed throughout the break. Perhaps, just a portion of it. Even being paid should not be a perquisite. It’s the experience that counts.

Besides parents, NGOs, CSOs and other organisations could also offer temporary jobs for those students looking for one. For instance, we have just completed a nationwide cleaning campaign. The importance is now on sustaining the effort. Organisations could employ students to not only continue cleaning campaigns but also in raising awareness on the need to keep our neighbourhoods clean.

There are also charitable activities that organisations can pursue with the help of students.

Getting employed is not necessary. Any activity that our students pursue during the break, be it dancing, singing, art, reading, or playing a sport should be encouraged.

While some of the sports federations are organising sports events for the students, we need more sports competitions, not just in Thimphu but throughout the country.

This is an important time for parents and guardians to spend time with the children in their care. Some may argue that they don’t have time for the children. But time must be made.

Parents and guardians must talk with their children, to find out what they plan to do. We should try to attend the sports events or other activities they take part in to show our support. But we must also respect their privacy. The time’s are changing and we need to begin treating our young as adults at an earlier age, so that they too behave as adults.

The students are the future of the nation and deserve the extra attention.

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  1. irfan
    irfan says:

    A winter break is most welcome after a long hard academic year at the schools. When a student gets the most needed break from the studies and attending the classes, this is also expected of him to carry forward the education earned.

    So spending a winter break in way that puts education earned to prospective experience of life is also important. Things that are not possible as a part of classroom learning environment can be planned and performed as interesting and constructive activities during a winter break.

    It’s important that parents take these times to promote an environment for the students where the students can get a feel of the experience that their parents possess. Any activities where a collective set of experience involving all the parents can be passed on to the students for them to learn new things applying their own education should be fruitful.

    It’s good to hear that some students have planned to utilise the winter break doing some part time jobs. Learning to earn is a good experience that today’s students must learn very early. Not of all us are equally fortunate when it comes to financial conditions. But still, even in a work they plan to do during the break, there must be some motivating factor to apply education earned at school for an entire year. A winter break is the time to teach these students that education is always a good investment, otherwise they may get mislead and misguided.

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