If you find stretches of road dug up in Thimphu thromde these days causing inconveniences to commuters, it is not because the roads are old and worn out.

It’s the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) officials verifying if the number of manholes constructed along the sewer lines within the thromde area are proportionate to the actual payment made.

Sources said the RAA, after auditing the thromde, issued a memo stating that about 47 manholes were not constructed as reflected in the report.

A source said that the ACC, based on the RAA findings, wrote to RAA if the two institutions could verify it together since the thromde officials claimed that the manholes were buried under the road’s blacktopping.

As of yesterday evening, ACC and RAA officials said they did not know the outcome of the verification.

“The physical verification took place in the last three days,” a source said. “Our officials would have to compile a report and submit it.”

The last physical verification took place in Taba yesterday. Motithang, Langjuphaka and Yangchenphug areas were also dug up for verification on April 17 and 18.

“The manholes are not supposed to be buried under the blacktop,” a source said. “It should be at the level of the road’s surface to clear sewer blocks.”

Staff reporter