The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has detained the proprietor of Rigsar Construction and former Phuentsholing thromde’s executive secretary on March 8.

ACC officials did not comment.

Kuensel however, learnt that the two were detained for interrogation for their alleged involvement in Torsa diversion and dredging works.

Sources said Rigsar Construction’s proprietor was detained in Phuentsholing after ACC raided the construction site at Torsa. The former executive secretary, who is the current director of the department of revenue and customs, was detained in Thimphu, according to the sources.

Thromde and other relevant stakeholders had given the dredging works to Rigsar Construction towards the end of 2016. The measure was taken to save the Torsa from 2017 monsoon as the flood in monsoon 2016 had severely affected Torsa embankment and many business establishments along it.

Rigsar had taken the job as a pro-bono basis, wherein it would fully fund the diversion work without any fund from thromde. It was agreed that the contractor would keep the dredged materials from the diversion.

Rajesh Rai  | Phuentsholing