Dechen Dolkar

The National Assembly (NA) yesterday recommended the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) monitor and ensure corruption-free elections both at the national and Local Government (LG) elections.

Member of Parliament (MP) from Bartsham Shongphu constituency, Passang Dorji recommended this in addition to the Good Governance Committee’s (GCC) five recommendations to enhance the effective and efficient functioning of the ACC to prevent corruption.

Chairperson of the GGC, MP from Khatoe Laya, Tenzin, presented the Committee’s review report on the ACC’s annual report 2021-2022 November 28. The committee recommended the ACC enhance awareness and advocacy programs for the LG leaders to prevent abuse of functions in the LG.

The committee recommended ACC submit a report to the Parliament on the follow-up actions taken by concerned agencies and ministries in the next reporting year. It also recommended concerned agencies submit a report on the implementation of the ACC’s recommendation on surface collection and dredging of river bed materials in the next session besides conducting system assessments like Youth Integrity Assessment, and Social Accountability Assessment in the future.

The House supported the committee’s five recommendations and the additional recommendation with 41 Yes votes out of 43 members present at the session.


Complaints to ACC

In the year 2021-2022, the ACC received a total of 435 complaints with an average of about 36 complaints per month.

The maximum number of complaints pertained to the abuse of functions with 151 followed by embezzlement 23, bribery 13 and five false claims.

The review report also states that  LG constituted the highest number of complaints with 107 accompanied by ministries with 34 and dzongkhag administration with 24.

The highest complaints were lodged against the Ministry of Agriculture and Forest followed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Thimphu dzongkhags administration had the highest number of complaints with 37 accompanied by Paro with 37 and Chukha with 23. Samtse and Haa Dzongkhag had the least complaints with one and two respectively.