Nim Dorji | Trongsa

With the access road towards Loushong in Trongsa washed away since last summer, residents have been parking their cars along the narrow road and walk in the dust to and from their home.

Residents, including police, also carry essentials on their back.

It has been more challenging for police, as they have to maintain slide area and construct a temporary bridge.

A police officer said without the road, it is difficult for them while escorting inmates to court, as they have to escort the inmates till the slide area. “We fear they might escape.”

He also explained it is also difficult to reach rations to the families of police. Residents also say it is also not safe for parked cars.

Shop owners in the area also find it difficult to bring in goods without the road.  People constructing houses were impacted badly. Some had to halt construction and maintenance works, as they could not reach materials at the site.

 Trongsa dzongkhag officials said the road would be repaired soon.

According to a dzongkhag official, works would be executed day and night.

Trongsa dzongrab Karma Dhendup said restoration of the road is important, as it is risky during the monsoon. “The restoration will be done before the monsoon.”

He said they already awarded the geo-tech work to study soil stability. “The stability and design of the road will be ready within two weeks.”

The dzongkhag is spending about 1.2 million for the study and is estimated to cost more than 9M for the restoration work.

According to the dzongrab, works will be awarded to a contractor the moment they get detailed report from the consultant.