Staff Reporter 

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has provided USD 100,000 to support the government’s response to Covid-19 through UNICEF. 

“This vital funding will allow UNICEF to procure, deliver and distribute essential medical supplies and equipment in support of the Ministry of Health’s Covid-19 response,” said Dr Will Parks, UNICEF Bhutan Representative.

UNICEF will use the fund to procure, deliver and distribute one Covid-19 laboratory test equipment and medical equipment including personal protective equipment (PPE), and an oxygen concentrator for the Ministry of Health. UNICEF’s expertise is leveraged to support governments globally to procure essential and emergency medical supplies. 

ADB’s Country Director Kanokpan Lao-Araya said, “This is ADB’s initial assistance to support the Royal Government of Bhutan’s swift efforts to monitor and contain the Covid-19 pandemic, provide effective treatments, and protect healthcare workers.” 

She said that the ADB stands ready to work with the government and development partners to provide additional assistance, including countercyclical support to meet the needs of people most affected.