The construction of a six-kilometre footpath from Lungtenzampa to Babesa, which was supposed to be completed by September last year, has been delayed due to additional construction.

The construction is expected to complete this month.

Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee said that additional projects had to be taken up such as the alignment, construction of walls, water pipes, and drainage slope changes.

He said that there were instances where cables had been disturbed. After a meeting, thromde in collaboration with stakeholders decided to construct a common cable duct.

“If it was just footpath, the work would have been completed. However, after the construction of footpath, organisations tend to dig up the footpath to built cable ducts that causes inconvenience, ” said Thrompon Kinlay Dorjee.

Engineer with the thromde, Sonam Namgay, said that apart from construction of cable ducts, new railings, drains, steps to connect plots and expressway, and pebble blocks at bus stops were also constructed.

Government of India funded the project under Small Development Project II, which covered the construction of footpath with drainage.

Additional construction projects would have led to cost escalation, said Sonam Namgay.

Staff reporter